Need An Earlier Doctor, Physiotherapy, Imaging Scan Appointment

It is unfortunate that many patients suffer from joint aches, pain and stiffness and medical institutions may find it hard to accommodate every patient in an ideal manner.

We frequently see patients who:

  • Request an appoint with our doctor because their original doctor has difficulty seeing them for sudden flares of their pain problem
  • Need more intensive physiotherapy sessions than what they are offered by other providers
  • Are unable to get their doctors to agree to do an X-ray or MRI to clearly diagnose their condition, sometimes due to cost issues.

By employing patient centric processes, The Pain Relief Clinic is committed to offering patients with a timely appointment with our doctors and physiotherapists, while ensuring a personalized, detailed consultation during each visit.

Our X-rays, ultrasound and MRI scans can generally be done on the day of consultation with results reported within the same or next working day.

While we usually recommend that patients decide on a management plan best suited for their condition only after a detailed consultation with our doctor, we are happy to accept patients who already have a good understanding of what investigations and treatments they require through consultation with their previous doctors or through their own research.

In fact, a significant number of our patients come after having already seen other doctors or physiotherapists and alternative healthcare providers.

If you require an early scan, physiotherapy or doctor’s appointment,

simply call us at +65 6732 2397 or leave a message below for Dr Tan to discuss a customized non-invasive solution for you.

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The 7 Day Pain Recovery Program

Are you unsure about your medical conditions? Or frustrated by multiple options that did not work?

Dr Tan and his team of physiotherapists have designed a home based self management program you can try. (It's FREE)

Learn practical tips about:

  • How diet and nutrition can be essential for a full recovery
  • How exercises can be helpful and why they sometimes make you worse
  • Simple self treatments that work
  • Common mistakes that could be preventing you from getting better
  • New clinical solutions for difficult medical conditions

Find out how your pain can be more effectively treated.

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