Tendonitis Injections

Why Do I have Tendonitis?

Tendonitis is also known as tendinitis, and refers to inflammation of a tendon.

It is a type of tendinopathy (tendon disease). When it becomes a long term chronic condition, it is also known as tendinosis.

We generally describe tendinitis in relation to the body part involved, such as achilles tendinitis(heel), patellar tendinitis (jumper’s knee) and rotator cuff tendinitis (shoulder).

Symptoms can include aches, pains or stiffness, and even a burning sensation around the inflamed tendon. In some cases, swelling occurs along with warmth and redness.Pain is usually worse during and after an activity, and the affected area can become stiff the following day as muscles tighten from the movement of the tendon.
Tendonitis can cause significant personal distress, making it hard to exercise, needing time off work, affect a person’s social interactions and result in depressed mood.

Do I Need To Do X-rays, Ultrasounds or MRIs?

Many cases can usually be well managed by an experienced doctor who can provide a clinical diagnosis based on a patient’s clinical history and physical examination.

Where the initial treatments have not been effective, an X-ray would be a cost-effective way to exclude other conditions.
Ultrasounds and MRIs are useful when we need to visualize the tendon for a precise diagnosis.

How Can Tendonitis Be Treated?

For many patients, their doctors will likely prescribe rest and medications for a short period of time.

Medications with the lowest risk of side effects should generally be used first.

Physiotherapy is another well accepted option.

Using techniques such as manual therapy, stretches and muscle strengthening exercises, it can have a good result in many patients.

Why Are My Treatments Not Working?

While treatments of tendinitis can be very effective, patients may experience problems such as:

  • Side effects from the strong pharmaceuticals
  • Difficulty finding a suitable physiotherapist
  • Difficulty finding the time to rest long enough for full recovery
  • Development of chronic injury (tendinosis)

What New Treatment Options Can The Pain Relief Clinic Offer For My Tendonitis?

At The Pain Relief Clinic, we adopt a biomedical targeted approach using medical technology in a comprehensive and cost-effective way.

Depending on the severity of your condition, some of the useful options that can give very good results include:

  • Dietary Correction
  • Indiba Therapy which gives rapid and long lasting recovery
  • Shockwave Therapy which stimulates deep tissue healing very cost effectively
  • Rehabilitative Electromedical Stimulation

If you are suffering from tendinitis, tendonitis and even tendinosis, or if your condition has not improved despite other treatments, we are able to help.

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